• Test Mule #1 Humanitarian Shelter.

    Everyone Should have Shelter in time of need.

    Providing Safety from The Elements in times of need

  • Huge Shouts out to  (Mr Jim Forbes Dana Sila Foundation) for putting us over the top on our new Production Facility.
    Breaking News Pilot Light Shelters now has a Production Facility.
    2022 fundraiser is in full effect COVID-19 put us 2 years behind, I'm ready to start handing out shelters the need is greater than ever please donate what you can.

    WHAT IS HAB1 ???

    Hab1 is a portable Emergency Shelter for the homeless or Natural Disasters it's insulated from hot and cold with a very high R rating we can even upgrade to extreme cold or hot climates. Hab1 can be pushed by hand or towed by a bicycle or light scooter it offers solar power for lighting and charging of cellphones tablets fan and Ac, it can carry 9 bags of recycle goods or more and cargo up to 400lbs Hab1 is easy to maintain and clean and much more.
  • Providing Humanitarian and Recreational Shelters Starting at $1800usd

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    New Mfg Facility

    Pilot Light Shelters also use recycled materials and are hand built in the USA

    The use of composite materials keeps the weight down and the unit insulated from hot and cold.

    Not only do pilot light Shelters provide protection they are work horses if needed.

    From Cargo to Recycle goods


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    Leonard Foster Jr

    A Man of many parts and industries Up's and downs, Done with the Socal rent race Mr Foster elected to move into his van as a home to cut cost but saw the need of other's many can't even afford a van or car and have no means of their very own shelter, So was the birth of Pilot Light Shelters.

    A Shout out to Donor's

    Jim Forbes. Scott. B Mike.F Charles. T Javier. L Michael. M Natalie. R Renee. M Rajiv. A. Tim. Natalie.R George.W Gregory.G Renee McLaughlin

    Rajiv.A Tim. Rocky W. Tony. T .Dan. Brian.G voyagersearch.com, Man in the Gray Jeep.Bruce 

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